Shadow Bank Alternative

Capital Funding

A “shadow bank” is any unregulated financial institution that acts like a bank but instead of financing activities through deposits, it does so through investors, borrowing, or creating financial products. The world of shadow banking includes hedge funds, private equity firms, special purpose vehicles, insurance companies, crowd funding organizations, and money market funds.

But it also includes traditional financial institutions. Leading up to the financial crisis, commercial banks were very active in the sector, as were government-sponsored entities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. These businesses still have activities that are “off the books,” meaning that, despite new regulations, they’re still participating in shadow activities. As of May 2013, one estimate put traditional banks’ share of the shadow sector at 22%.

This division of our company provides leverage capital for a variety of investment grade and principal Protected funding transactions.

These include but are not limited to.

1. Monetization of investment grade notes

2. Capital funding secured by documentary letters of credit

3. Investment programs

4. Trading platforms

5. Pension Funds Investment

Our Stipulations are as follows

1. All funds must remain in an investment grade or principal protected position

2. The contemplated transaction must be legal

3. You must have the ability to cover the initial cost of capital